Chicken Parmigiana

December 8, 2009

Tis the season to be very, very, very busy! So here’s an easy, delish recipe that’s perfect for company, a night home with the family, or a romantic dinner! Because I love all my girlfriends, and their husband’s seem to love my blog. . . . . I’m gonna give my girls a Christmas gift! So guys, listen up, this is very important, do as I say and you can thank me later. . . . . pick a night, any night, get the kids a Papa Murphy’s pizza. . . .feed them and throw a movie in the DVD. Now, open a nice bottle of wine, bubbly, Diet Dr. Pepper or whatever your wife loves.  . . . .draw a lovely bath with some yummy bubbles, candles and a little Micheal Buble (trust me). . . . . .now, focus. . . . . wife goes to the bath. . . . . you go to the kitchen. 

Chicken Parmesan

1 pkg. thin sliced breast fillets, or 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1/2 c. flour

3 T. olive oil

2 T. butter

1 onion

3 cloves garlic

1/4 c. red wine

28 oz. crushed tomatoes

1 T. sugar

1/4 c. chopped parsley

1 c. freshly grated parmesan cheese

1 # spaghetti noodles

This is the stuff you’re gonna need. I’m gonna give ya all the help I can, short of coming over and cooking it myself! Buy the Foster Farms Thin Sliced Breast Fillets. . . . . they are already thin which is what ya need. If you have boneless chicken breasts already, that’s fine, but you’re gonna want to put them between two sheets of wax paper and pound them so they are thinner. . .  . then an onion, 28 oz. of crushed tomatoes, garlic, spaghetti nooodles and parmigiana cheese. Now let’s chat about quality of ingredients. It matters! Buy spaghetti that is made from Semolina flour – Trader Joe’s brand or Barilla are very reasonable top quality products. . . . please, please, do not use American Beauty brand or some such. . . . . regarding the parmesan cheese. . .. you must use fresh for this recipe. You can buy decent quality parm already grated in a bag or plastic container. .. .but if you want really yummy you need to buy it in a block like this and grate it yourself. DO NOT use the Kraft sawdust in the green tube. I’m serious about this!

Season the chicken with salt and pepper, and dredge in flour.

Heat your olive oil in a pan (that has a lid) and add a pat of butter . . . . . throw the chicken in and brown it for about four minutes on each side. The butter is going to give it that golden brown yummy color. The key to getting a good brown crust is to let it be. . . . .don’t be tempted to move it. . .. .everytime you do it’s like starting over again. . . .just let it be. When it’s nice and golden on the edges, flip it over. 

While the chicken’s browning, you want to chop your onion. Now listen up. . . . . pretend I am holding your face in my hands. . . . this is really important. If you know how to chop an onion properly you can accomplish most anything you set out to do. . . .  so, cut the onion in half top to bottom. .  . . take the outer layer off. . . . then slice pole to pole . . . What? Look at the picture. . . . .

Then rotate the onion and slice the other way. . . . . .it’s perfectly chopped. . . . . . .an amazing skill that will open doors in your life that you would have never thought possible! It’s right up there with being an Eagle Scout.

When the chicken is a lovely golden brown, about 4 minutes each side, remove it to a plate. Now, see all that goop in the pan. . . . that’s the good stuff. . . . whatever you do, DO NOT clean or wipe out the pan. This is the stuff that’s gonna give this dish the rich, complex flavor. 

Put your chopped onion and garlic in the pan. Let it saute for a few minutes until golden and yummy smelling. Now, add the wine. . . . we had this left from Thanksgiving. Any red wine will work, but palezzzzzzzeeee. . . . . . .if you wouldn’t drink it, don’t cook with it. The flavor only intensifies during cooking.

Let the wine simmer and reduce by about half. It will get lovely and thick because of the bit’s that were left from browning the chicken. Now add the tomatoes, sugar and parsley. Cover and simmer for about 25 minutes.

Now grate about a cup of parmesean cheese. As you can see, these are not the Church Lady’s hands. . . .these are the Church Lady’s Hot Husband’s hands. We have an understanding, I don’t grate cheese, put gas in the car or balance checkbooks. . . . .

Now this is the exciting part. . . . .the sauce has been simmering for 25 minutes, it’s rich, complex and smells fantastic. . .  . . put the chicken breasts in the pan slightly submerging in the sauce. Now top with cheese. . . .put the lid on and let simmer for about 5 minutes until the cheese is melted. .  . .


Top with a little chopped parsley. . . . .serve over a bed of spaghetti noodles, maybe some artisan bread – perhaps a garlic rosemary bread – heaven. YOU ARE A HERO! You’re welcome!









2 Responses to “Chicken Parmigiana”

  1. Ted E. said

    The eggplant dish looks amazing. I have never cooked eggplant. I’m going to give this one a go.



  2. Ted E. said

    O.K. the chicken parm. is the latest…wow. We’re making that!


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